Shy Reception ~ tagged “rinandrin2”


Rin nodded sagely, glad to hear that Natsume-san was on board about the being on a last-name basis.

She looked at the girl and wondered what grade she was in. She had just come into the gates, so it was really anyone’s guess, seeing how young she looked. She almost asked the girl how old she was, ignorant of the social taboo that didn’t allow people to ask girls about their age.

Just as she was about to put it into words, however, the girl spoke.

 “S-Sure! I-I don’t mind helping out. Er.. What kind of… supplies may I ask..?”

"Oh," Rin said, surprised that this near-stranger actually accepted her request for help. Most times people would be too busy and wave her off; bid her a good day and all that…

"Well. I was sitting under that tree over there," she started, pointing a sleeve at a great big oak tree standing a few meters away, “and I saw someone really short and round pass by, with hair cut so tall he looked like a thermometer. It made me think of a painting I could do, but I wanted to do it outside. So I need to get the things from the art room and move them under the tree."


This was perhaps the longest Rin has talked in one go in a long time, and the words felt strange on her tongue, like the way your leg throbs after falling asleep when you try to use it again.

She stopped to smack her lips and continued. “The art teacher’s not there, and I figured I could ask someone to lend me a hand or two.” Heh, she cracked a smile at her little joke, punctuating it with a little flap of her empty sleeves.


Tezuka seemed surprised when Rin agreed to helping her out. Rin shrunk herself down thinking perhaps that was the wrong answer, maybe Tezuka didn’t actually want help and was asking Rin for conversation. Hopefully that wasn’t the case, she was already uncomfortable enough just by talking to a stranger. It wasn’t like Rin could have just ignored her request either, that wasn’t the kind of person she was. Though painfully shy Rin always wanted to help people. As a little buster it was her duty after all.

Rin listened to her story while she explained. While listening to Tezuka Rin grew confused. The only thing from what she explained was comprehendible for Rin was that Tezuka needed to get supplies from inside outside to work on some kind of art. “…A thermometer…?” she said out loud thinking she hadn’t said it so that Tezuka could here. She didn’t understand a thing about a boy looking like a thermometer. However Rin was certainly no artist. She pushed her inquiry to the side and stayed silent. Hesitant she finally spoke “…I could help if you need” she replied again in a timid voice.


If the art teacher was gone, was Tezuka even allowed to use the supplies? “S-Sure…” she said shyly. Rin didn’t see why it would be a problem to take the supplies from the art room. That was why the supplies was there anyways. Rin was curious as to how Tezuka would be able to do some kind of art without her arms, which was another part of why the petit wanted to help out. 


Rin-chan is so adorable <3

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Shy Reception ~ tagged “rinandrin2”


Rin blinked up at the small girl, surprised yet again.

“Wow. There are a lot of Rins in this city…” she trailed off as one of cats purred into her face, and she hummed contentedly. Suddenly, Rin stood up, getting close to the other girl.


“Well, like I said with the Okumura, I suppose you could call me Tezuka, since we have the same name and all that,” she said in a monotone.

Suddenly she squirmed in place, anxious to be on her way. Should she ask this stranger? No, even if they were now acquaintances, they weren’t yet at that part in their relationship where she could ask favors of her…

Rin got more and more agitated until she spoke, “Natsume. if you don’t mind, do you think you could help me bring some supplies out here?”

Hearing the girls statement she gave a small motion of a nod still being silent. Th cats certainly had no problems with her, they didn’t run away or anything. That told Rin she had nothing to be shy about either since she herself was fairly cat-like.  Rin watched as the girl stood up, without trouble. Wow that’s amazing she thought to herself, amazed at how well she could move even without arms.

“Well, like I said with the Okumura, I suppose you could call me Tezuka, since we have the same name and all that,”

"Okumura-san?" she repeated. Rin was familiar with him, it seemed like most people in this town knew him. She gave another small nod to reply the other. "Mm… otherwise we may get confused… Tezuka-san.." She repeated her name in a soft voice trying to get used to talking with her. Rin was a very shy induvigual and had difficulty with speaking to others. She tried to keep in mind what the rest of the little busters had told her. She needed to try and make more friends and be more independent. Easier said then done she thought.

Rin continued watching the other as she looked a little trouble by something. Before given much time to think of it Rin was suddenly asked a question. “E-Eh? Help you.. out?” She repeated surprised Tezuka was already able to speak to Rin so casually, though most people were the same that was something Rin wished she could do as well. “S-Sure! I-I don’t mind helping out” she stuttered a bit at the start of her sentence, Rin wanted to be helpful to people even when she didn’t know them well she still wanted to try. Though RIn had no idea what she was to help with. “Er.. What kind of… supplies may I ask..?” She inquired curiously.


Cats and Ponytails Unite || Nanami & Rin


“Thank you very much!”

Nanami bowed down politely at the shop manager, a smile grew on her face at the sight of the envelope in her hands. She hasn’t acquired a proper part time job yet, so all she could do is offer help to the small stores around. It earned her some extra bucks, which she was grateful enough.

The girl was about to put away the stock leftovers when she saw a cat in front of the store. She has passed the street several times and saw that same cat around, seems like searching for something to nibble on. Remembering there are some cat food in the leftovers, she searched through to find a can of it, then opened it up with a swift motion in hurry before the cat goes away. 


“Hello there,” she smiled at the cat as she approached it, the same politeness she showed towards humans as if the cat would understand her. “Would you like some?” She knelt down and extended her hand holding the cat food towards the feline. It came closer a few steps, however, instead of continuing to come closer, the animal turned away and made a dash.

“H-hey, where are you going?” 

Did the cat get scared by something? It was odd. And so Nanami followed the cat, making a turn around the corner, wondering where it is heading to.

Rin was in town buying something for herself to eat for lunch. The cafe was filled with various people, both students, teachers and other people who lived in Bunkyo. With all the people around her Rin felt a little insecure since she hardly knew anyone in this town and she was already painfully shy, even around people she did know depending on their relationship. After paying the stores working in the small cafe she walked out quickly making sure to avoid interacting with any other people in any way. Escaping the cafe with a small bagel and a lemonade she tried to find somewhere to sit down, where there weren’t many people.

She found a small area with chairs and tables, where no one else seemed to be siting. She walked around cautious of her surroundings then sat down at a table near the back. Soon after sitting two of the stray cats she had been looking after as well as the white kitten Lennon. They all sat down beside her feet and meowed at her. “Hey! This isn’t for you, besides I just fed you guys! No being greedy” She said in a stern voice. Though the cats continued meowing and looking up at Rin. She grumbled then reached into her bag and pulled out a few cat treats and gave each at one.

Before getting a chance to even take a bit of her meal, another cat suddenly came dashing buy and took notice of Rin then walked over to her in a more calm way. A small smile appeared on her face and Rin patted it’s head softly. Hearing the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching this area Rin flinched a little when taking notice of a girl who had stopped in front of the sitting area. Rin fell silent when the stranger approached worried she may try to speak with Rin.

Small girl Big town || bluestflames

After school, the petit brunette was behind one of the school buildings along with a group of stray cats. She was sitting on the ground with them playing with a string, watching the cats chase after it. A few minutes pass by and the cats already lose intreats in the game “Eh? That was quick, alright I guess… I should go back to the dorms” she said softly speaking to the group of cats. She patted their heads gently then  stood up and brushed over the dirt off her uniform. As she took three steps away from the cats, they started meowing a decently loud volume, enough to startle her. After jumping a little from the outburst of the cats she turned around and bent down towards them “Shhhh!” the sound escaped her mouth at a louder volume then that of the cats. “Uuu… You guys have to be quiet, I don’t even think cats or animals are allowed here…” she said softly. Some of the cats came out of the clump and brushed again Rin’s legs. They seemed a little more attached to her then usual, Rin thought of some possibilities before coming to a small conclusion. “Er… Maybe your hungry? I could try and find a pet store..” the cats let out a pleasurable meow this time, Rin could easily read her assumptions were correct.

After realizing the problem Rin peered around the corner of the building to make sure they’re weren’t many people. She knew once she moved someplace else the cats would follow and if she were to get caught. Seeing the coast was clear Rin murmured some familiar words to herself “Mission start-O” she imitated her older brother who had made her enrol here in the first place. Quickly the small-built girl rushed off the school property without being noticed. Along with a handful of cats tailing behind her she made her way into town.  Looking around Rin tried to established her current location, and where she could find a pet shop. The town was so enormous for such a small girl to wander around mindlessly would hardly have a chance at finding where she needed to go. “Maybe… I could ask someone..” She thought of that option then violently shook her head. There was no way she could do that. Rin grumbled not knowing what to do. Slightly feeling panicked she looked around trying to figure out what to do. A few people started taking notice of her small panic and she made a run for it. After running less then a block she accidentally bumped into someone, and fell over. “O-Ouch…” She murmured rubbing side, looking back to make sure the cats were still okay before apologizing to the person. “S-Sorry..” She said softly, not recognizing who he was yet.

out of character

Oh wow, my apologies I didn’t realize I hadn’t done anything on this account. Since exams are coming up, I doubt I’ll get many starters or replies done. I can assure you they will get done though, sorry for the delay. 

Well I’m off to bed, I don’t even know why I’m online now since it’s just after 2:30 am.

Is there a special meaning behind your URL? What made you choose that particular URL for your character?


Well I believe the meaning in my URL is pretty much shown it’s self. I chose catlike-rin because Rin Natsume is a character who her personality in general is cat-like.

In the sense that cats can be both extremely timid and run away from certain people, cat’s can grow attached to one individual but they have to know the person well, cats can be aggressive etc.

Rin holds most of the qualities of a cat regarding personality, even with her physical appearance. Rin’s expressions can be considered cat-like and she also wears a small gold bell with a red ribbon in her hair the same way a cat will wear a collar.

Since she herself is cat-like in that sense, she usually is followed around by large herds of stray cats who she takes care of. Rin feels more comfortable being around cats then she does with other people.

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